ICVL 2021

ROINFO Project "Romanian Informatics" 2018-2022

M. Vlada (ed. Coord.), "HISTORY OF ROMANIAN COMPUTING. APPEARANCE, DEVELOPMENT AND IMPACT. People, institutions, concepts, theories and technologies", Vol. I-V, 2019-2021

Tell future generations that Cybernetics was created in Romania (1938-1939), that Romania developed a Romanian informatics (after 1953) and built its own electronic computer (CIFA-1, 1957)!

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• Volume I (chapter 1): Computing - The international context, 2019
• Volume II (chapter 2): Computing - The National Context, 2019
• Volume III (chapters 3-6): Computing - Emergence and development, 2020
• Volume IV (chapters 7-10): Computing - Development and impact, 2020
• Volume V (chapters 11-12): Computing - Development, 2021


The pioneer of Romanian informatics is the institution or scientist, professor, researcher, engineer, etc., which has contributions in (when Informatica / Computer Science acquired its status as an independent science, during 1955-1990):

- studies and research in the field of Computing (hardware and software, The 2012 ACM Computing Classification System - DL: DIGITAL LIBRARY), https://dl.acm.org/ccs/ccs_flat.cfm);
- development of Computer Science and Information and Communication Technology (IT&C) theories, methods and techniques, including software and hardware development;
- the use of software installed on the computer to solve problems in the fields of science, engineering, economics, health, education, military, etc .;
- promoting and spreading the use of computers by all categories of people, including pupils and students;
- promoting and participating in scientific events in the field of Computing (hardware and software), including through links and exchange of ideas among the international community in the field.

(M. Vlada, 2018, ROINFO Project “Romanian Informatics” 2018-2020, http://www.c3.cniv.ro/?q=2018/iir)

CONTENT - 12 Chapters

VOLUME I: Computing - The international context

Introductory word
Preface and arguments

1 The International Context to the Emergence and Evolution of Computers
1.1 The concept of Computing-history and evolution (M. Vlada, Gh. Păun, Juraj Hromkovic)
1.2 Chronology of the calculation-historical technique and evolution (M. Vlada, Nick Doiron)
1.3 Report to the ACM Curriculum Committee on Computer Science, USA, 1968 (Gr. C. Moisil)
1.4 Report on the Situation and Prospects of the Evolution of Computers, Europe, 1966 (W. K. de Bruijn)
1.5 The emergence and evolution of computer systems (M. Vlada)
1.6 Emergence and evolution of the information society (M. Vlada)
1.7 The emergence and evolution of programming languages ​​(M. Vlada, V. Iorga)
1.8 Emergence and evolution of operating systems (M. Vlada)
1.9 The emergence and evolution of databases (M. Vlada, A. Ioniță)
1.10 The emergence and evolution of computer networks (M. Dragan)
1.11 Innovative ideas for the emergence of the Internet system (M. Vlada)
1.12 From recursivity to the Turing universal machine and Horn clauses (M. Vlada, A. Adăscăliței)

VOLUME II: Computing - The national context

2 The national context regarding the founding of Romanian informatics
2.1 In the centenary year 2018/2019, the meeting of generations of computer scientists (M. Vlada, S. Niculescu, A. Atanasiu, M. Popa)
2.2 Ștefan Odobleja, forerunner of Cybernetics and Informatics (M. Vlada, E. Otlăcan, Adrian Adăscăliței)
2.3 The Romanian contribution in the algebraic theory of automata (Gr. C. Moisil)
2.4 Grigore C. Moisil, the founder of Romanian informatics (M. Vlada, Afrodita Iorgulescu, Ion Văduva, Ioana Moisil, Gheorghe Mihoc, Constantin Ottescu, Grigore C. Moisil, Virgil Emil Căzănescu, Radu Homescu)
2.5 Solomon Marcus, the mathematician of frontier and interdisciplinarity (M. Vlada, Catalin Mamali, Liviu Ornea, Solomon Marcus)
2.6 Victor Toma, the pioneer of building Romanian computers (Marin Vlada, Galina Toma, Gheorghe Samoilă)
2.7 Tiberiu Popoviciu, one of the founders of informatics in Romania (Emil Cătinaş, Ion Păvăloiu)
2.8 Dan D. Farcaș, the pioneering mathematician of neural networks (M. Vlada)
2.9 Stages in the foundation and evolution of Romanian informatics (M. Vlada)
2.10 Training in computer science, period 1955-1970 (Gr. C. Moisil, I. Văduva, M. Vlada, S. Niculescu, Constantin P. Popovici, I. Tomescu, Adrian Atanasiu, H. Georgescu, I. Popescu)
2.11 The role of the R. S. Romania Academy in the development of informatics in our country (Grigore C. Moisil, Victor Toma, Alexandru Rosetti, Boris Cazacu, Gheorghe Mihoc)
2.12 PLUB (Programming Language of the University of Bucharest) - a project of the ’70s at the Computer Center of the University of Bucharest (CCUB) (T. Bălănescu, Ș. Gavrilă, M. Gheorghe, R. Nicolescu)
2.13 Romanian doctoral theses in computer science, cybernetics and computers (M. Vlada)
2.14 Computerization programs and strategies in Romania (Vasile Baltac, Dragoș Vaida, Florin Diac, Ion Ivan, Dan D. Farcaș, Radu Jugureanu, Marin Vlada, Grigore Albeanu, Ferucio Laurențiu Țiplea)

VOLUME III: Computing - Appearance & amp; Development

3 Development of the computer industry in Romania
3.1 Ideas regarding the construction of Romanian computers (Marin Vlada, Marius Guran, Mihai Dragănescu, Ștefan Iancu, Lucian Vințan)
3.2 CIFA Calculator from Bucharest (Marin Vlada)
3.3 MECIPT computer from Timișoara (Vasile Baltac, Dan Dezideriu Farcaș)
3.4 The DACICC computer from Cluj Napoca (Mircea Bocu, Liviu Negrescu, Werner Schuster)
3.5 FELIX C computer - Bucharest computer factory (Marin Vlada)
3.6 Romanian computing systems (Marin Vlada, Nicolae Țăpuș, Constantin Săvulescu, Eugen Zaharescu)

4 Grigore C. Moisil, the promoter of informatics in Romania
4.1 Grigore C. Moisil - From the Romanian mathematical thinking (Solomon Marcus)
4.2 Moments of forgetfulness (Victor Toma)
4.3 Inseparable opposites in Romanian thinking. Grigore C. Moisil (Mircea Maliţa)
4.4 Speech of reception of Gr. C. Moisil in the Romanian Academy (Alexandru Myller)
4.5 After 40 years, about Gr. C. Moisil and his time (Dragoş Vaida)
4.6 90 years since the birth of the mathematician Grigore C. Moisil (Sergiu Rudeanu)
4.7 Computing Center of the University of Bucharest, a notable contribution of Grigore C. Moisil to the development of informatics in Romania (Ion Văduva)
4.8 The Need for Moisil (Gheorghe Păun)
4.9 Moisil, as I knew him (Cristian S. Calude)
4.10 Where, when and how I met Gr. C. Moisil (Stelian Niculescu)

5 Solomon Marcus, a life dedicated to mathematics and computer science
5.1 Academician Solomon Marcus - 90th anniversary, Romanian Academy (Ionel-Valentin Vlad, Viorel Barbu, Alexandra Bellow, Marius Iosifescu, Basarab Nicolescu, Gheorghe Păun, Sergiu Rudeanu, Victor Ţigoiu)
5.2 In memoriam. Solomon Marcus (Mihai Nadin)
5.3 Professor Solomon Marcus ’Axioms (Sorin Istrail)
5.4 The passion for the Romanian language (Cristian S. Calude)
5.5 Acad. Solomon Marcus and the 1978 informatics promotion, witnesses to the founding of Romanian informatics (Marin Vlada)
5.6 PhD student in the first group of PhD students coordinated by Prof. Solomon Marcus (Gabriel V. Orman)
5.7 Thoughts of a disciple of Professor Marcus (Toma Albu)
5.8 Meetings with Solomon Marcus, Ed. Spandugino, 2010 (Marin Vlada)

6 Pioneers of Romanian Informatics - University of Bucharest
6.1 About the ideas of writing a history of informatics in Romania (M. Vlada)
6.2 Disciples acad. Grigore C. Moisil and pioneers of Romanian informatics (M. Vlada)
6.3 Leon Livovschi (1921-2012), a pioneer of Romanian informatics and close collaborator of acad. Gr. C. Moisil (M. Vlada)
6.4 Constantin P. Popovici, collaborator of acad. Gr. C. Moisil and one of the first computer science teachers (M. Vlada)
6.5 Stelian Niculescu, one of the first Romanian computer scientists (M. Vlada)
6.6 Dragoș Vaida: mathematics and informatics, in consonance (M. Vlada)
6.7 Prof. Dr. Ion Văduva, developer of CCUB founded by by Gr. C. Moisil, an initiator and developer of research in stochastic simulation (M. Vlada)
6.8 Sergiu Rudeanu, a theorist in universal algebra, Boolean algebra, pseudo-Boolean programming
6.9 A disciple of Gr. C. Moisil: Luminiţa State (T. Bălănescu)
6.10 Octavian Bâscă, a pioneer of Romanian informatics (M. Vlada)
6.11 Nicolae Țăndăreanu, a pioneer of Romanian informatics (M. Vlada)
6.12 Emil N. Perjeriu, the destiny of a computer surveyor (M. Vlada)
6.13 Ioan Tomescu, creator of the Romanian school of graph theory
6.14 Virgil Emil Căzănescu, a theorist of computer science fundamentals
6.15 Nicolae Popoviciu, mathematician, a pioneer of Romanian informatics
6.16 Acad. Gheorghe Păun, a mathematician-computer scientist initiator of the Membrane Computing model: P systems
6.17 Cristian Calude, a disciple of the acad. Solomon Marcus with contributions in algorithmic information theory and quantum calculus
6.18 Horia Georgescu, promoter of programming languages ​​and techniques
6.19 Adrian Atanasiu, a theorist of formal languages, formal cryptography and natural language processing
6.20 George Georgescu, a professor of fuzzy logic and combinatorial theory
6.21 Alexandru Mateescu, a mathematician of formal languages ​​and discrete mathematical structures
6.22 Ileana Popescu, a trainer of generations of computer scientists
6.23 Tudor Bălănescu, Șerban Gavrilă, Marian Gheorghe, Radu Nicolescu, Liviu Sofonea: pragmatic and formalized approach to programming methodologies
6.24 Ioan Roșca, an expert mathematician in numerical methods and the finite element method
6.25 Denis Enăchescu, a computer scientist expert in Monte Carlo method, Data Mining and Articular Intelligence
6.26 Anton Bătătorescu, a computer scientist expert in statistics and operational research
6.27 Ștefan Ștefănescu, a computer scientist specializing in statistical models, algorithms and data processing
6.28 Marin Popa, a computer scientist expert in Petri nets and computer networks, trainer of generations of computer scientists
6.29 Rodica Ceterchi, a mathematician of formal languages, category theory and universal algebras
6.30 Marin Vlada, Computer Scientist Expert in Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence and e-Learning Technologies
6.31 Ileana Streinu, a mathematician-computer scientist with research in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Geometry
6.32 Mihaela Malița, a computer scientist of artificial intelligence and technologies
6.33 Monica Tătărâm, a trainer of generations of computer scientists
6.34 Matei Bogdan, computer engineer, trainer of generations of computer scientists
6.35 Maria Lovin, computer engineer, pioneer of Romanian informatics
6.36 Victorina Panaite, mathematician-computer scientist, pioneer of Romanian informatics
6.37 Dorin Panaite, computer engineer, pioneer of Romanian informatics
6.38 Elena-Liliana Popescu, a trainer of generations of computer scientists
6.39 Mihail Cherciu, a trainer of generations of computer scientists
6.40 Paul Radovici-Mărculescu, mathematician-computer scientist
6.41 Mircea Adam, a trainer of generations of computer scientists
6.42 Rodica-Florentina Niculescu, mathematician-computer scientist
6.43 Gheorghe Petrescu, mathematician-computer scientist
6.44 Petre Preoteasa, mathematician-computer scientist
6.45 Constantina Ioan, mathematician-computer scientist

VOLUME IV: Computing - Development & amp; Impact

7 Pioneers of Romanian Informatics - People and Institutions

7.1 Computing development (hardware and software) - Informatics and IT in Bucharest
1. Pioneer at the Faculty of Mathematics, Computing Center of the University of Bucharest (CCUB)
2. Pioneer at the R.S. Romania and the Institute of Mathematics (Grigore C. Moisil)
3. Pioneered at the Institute of Atomic Physics (IFA) of the R.S. Romania (Dragoș Vaida)
4. Pioneer at the Faculty of Automation and Computers, Bucharest Polytechnic Institute
5. Pioneer at the Computing Center of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (Radu Homescu)
6. Pioneering at CEPECA and the Computing Center (Eduard Rădăceanu)
7. Pioneer at the Institute of Computer Technology (ITC) (Vasile Baltac, Augustin Prodan)
8. Pioneer at the Romanian Electronic Computers Factory Felix (ICE Felix)
9. Pioneering at the Central Institute of Informatics (ICI)

7.2 Development of computing (hardware and software) - Informatics and IT in Cluj-Napoca
1. Pioneer at the Cluj Institute of Computing of the Academy (Emil Cătinaș)
2. Pioneer at the Institute for Computer Technology (ITC) Cluj-Napoca (Augustin Prodan)
3. Pioneer at the Territorial Center of Electronic Computing Cluj-Napoca
4. Pioneer at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computing Center of the “Babeș-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca (Grigor Moldovan)
5. Academician D. D. Stancu and the beginnings of computer science at the “Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca ((Grigor Moldovan)
6. Pioneer at the "Tiberiu Popoviciu" High School of Informatics in Cluj-Napoca

7.3 Computing development (hardware and software) - Informatics and IT in Iași (Marin Vlada)
1. Pioneer at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computing Center of the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi
2. Faculty of Informatics of the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iași

7.4 Computing development (hardware and software) - Informatics and IT in Timisoara
1. Pioneer at the Polytechnic Institute of Timișoara and the IPT Computing Center (Dan Farcaș, Vasile Baltac)
2. Pioneering at ITC Timișoara Branch and Timișoara Memorial Factory (Vasile Baltac, Victor Megheşan)

7.5 Computing development (hardware and software) - Informatics and IT in Craiova
1. Education in Automation and Computers at the University of Craiova
2. Informatics at the University of Craiova (Ion Iancu)

8 Development and impact of informatics in Romania

8.1 Computing Center of the University of Bucharest (CCUB)
Computing Center of the University of Bucharest - a landmark in the history of informatics in Romania (Ion Văduva)

8.2 Center for the Management of Enterprise Management (CEPECA)
Informatics in CEPECA (Dan D. Farcaș)
Informatics at CEPECA and at the Computing Center - Memories (Eduard Rădăceanu)

8.3 Institute of Computing Technology (ITC)
The role of ITC in Romanian informatics (Augustin Prodan)

8.4 Central Institute of Informatics (ICI)
National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (ICI)

8.5 Cluj-Napoca Computing Institute
"Tiberiu Popoviciu" Institute of Computing Cluj-Napoca, Romanian Academy (Emil Cătinaş)

8.6 Computing Center of the “Babeș-Bolyai” University and the School of Computer Science from Cluj-Napoca
Grigor Moldovan

8.7 “Mihai Drăgănescu” Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (ICIA)
Angela Ioniță

8.8 Territorial Electronic Computing Centers
The period of computerization of Romania (1965-1980)
About computer products made at a Territorial Center for Electronic Computing (Nicolae Fildan)
Electronic Computing Territorial Center (CTCE) Târgu Mureș (Petru Pepelea)
1. Sibiu Territorial Center for Electronic Computing (CTCE) / Application Software and Services (SAS) Sibiu
2. Piatra Neamț Territorial Electronic Computing Center (CTCE)
3. Brăila Territorial Electronic Computing Center (CTCE) / Brăila IT Services Company - S.A.
4. Alba Iulia Territorial Electronic Computing Center (CTCE) / SSI Alba Iulia
5. Iași Territorial Center for Electronic Computing (CTCE) / Sinta Iași

8.9 Informatics and IT in the technical, economic and social fields (Marin Vlada)
1. Center for Informatics and Organization of the Municipality of Bucharest (CINOR)
2. Alfa Software Cluj-Napoca company
3. Computer Training Center (CPI) Bucharest
4. The company Cometa SRL Bucharest
5. CRIsoft Brașov company
6. SOFTWIN Group Bucharest
7. SIVECO Romania Romania company
8. Romanian Association for the Electronics and Software Industry (ARIES)
9. InfoTim Company (CTCE) / ETA2U Timișoara
10. Romsym Data Bucharest company
11. National Informatics Society (Softlead)
12. Advanced Technology Systems (ATS) Târgoviște
13. BITsoftware Brașov company
14. Softeh Plus Bucharest company
15. Else Digital Solutions Bucharest
16. TotalSoft Bucharest company
17. Prosoft Solutions (PSS) Bucharest
18. Indaco Systems Bucharest
19. AttoSOFT Galați company
20. Nexus Media Iași company
21. Infomedia Pro Bucharest
22. Integrisoft Bucharest
23. Employers' Association of the Romanian Software and Services Industry (ANIS)
24. Other IT and IT companies
AMBO, ARI-Studio, AROBS, Artia Soft, Atlas Systems, AuraPortal, Avira, Axis Software, Axiologic SaaS, Axsys Romania,
BrainLabs Media, Business Logic Software, BusinessView Software, CIEL Romania, Computaris, CS Vision,
eMAG, Magister Software, RADCOM, Romanian Software, SAS GRUP, ScribSoftware, Senior Software, SETRIO, ZITEC

8.10 Use and development of Open-source programs in Romania (Marin Vlada)
1.GNU General Public License and "Open Source"
2. The use of Open-source software systems in Romania
3. Pioneering examples of Open-source use in Romania
A. The beginning period of the Internet in Romania
B. International seminar "Linux and virtual training environments" Arad
C.Romanian Symposium on Computer Science (ROSYCS) Iași
D.Romanian Knoppix for Biomedical Purposes and ROSLIMS-Romanian Simple Linux for Medical Students

9 Computer Science and Cybernetics at the Academy of Economic Studies (1963-1990) (Radu Homescu)
9.1 Establishment of the ASE Computer Center, 1963
9.2 Research-production activity
9.2.1 Establishment of the Faculty of Economic Computing and Economic Cybernetics
9.2.2 Scientific seminars of the Computer Center; New building and equipment
with electronic computers
9.3 Research Laboratories of the Department of Economic Cybernetics (LCCE)
9.3.1 The main scientific research topics of the LCCE
9.3.2 Collectives and Laboratories of the Department of Economic Cybernetics
9.3.3 Scientific seminars of the Department and LCC
9.4 Education in economics and cybernetics
9.5 Research laboratories after 1975
9.6 Personalities from abroad visiting the ASE Computing Center
9.7 Scientific events organized by and / or in conjunction with the LCCE
9.7.1 Internal scientific events
9.7.2 Internal scientific events with international participation
9.7.3 Participation in external scientific events
9.8 Journal of Economic Cybernetics

10 History of computerization in the Romanian pre-university environment 1985-2018 (Radu Jugureanu, Dorina Jugureanu)
10.1 Pioneering Period 1985-1990

10.2 Computer learning period 1990-2000
Brief history of the Internet in Romania
High School Computers Program
A project that came at the right time. CISCO Networking Academy

10.3 The period of democratization of education 2001-2018
SEI Program - National Program for Informatization of Romanian Pre-University Education
The main elements
SEI program - teams of specialists
eContent - the national didactic patrimony
Professional training of teachers
International project recognitions
Digital content development
Digital textbooks for schools
Research projects for education
WAND - Online platform for creating interactive content

10.4 A project for the Centenary - Digital Encyclopedia Romania 1918 (Radu Jugurean, Magda Stan, Daniela Mironov Bănuță, Bogdan Gornea)
The experience of the past, transmitted to the world today
Scientific Council
Pedagogical Scientific Council

10.5 A look at the future regarding the educational strategy in Romania (Concepts and formalization: Ștefan Morcov, Florin Ilia, Florin Anton, Radu Jugureanu)
What hasn't happened yet
What we could be heading for
What will 2030 look like?

VOLUME V: Computing

11 Development of the IT / IT field in Romania
11.1 Higher education in Informatics and IT (Valentin Maier, Alexandru Elefterescu, Marin Vlada, Florian Mircea Boian, Codruța Stoica, Mariana Nagy, Lorena Popa)
• Higher education and training of the IT and computer industry in communist Romania (Valentin Maier)
• Adoption of cybernetics in the communist space (Alexandru Elefterescu)
• The emergence and development of Informatics at the University of Bucharest (Marin Vlada)
• Cluj School of Informatics - The role of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics in Cluj-Napoca in the development of informatics and software industry in Romania
• A brief history of computer science education at Babeş-Bolyai University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (Florian Mircea Boian)
• Iasi School of Informatics - The role of the Faculty of Informatics in Iași in the development of informatics and software industry in Romania
• CEPECA - Center for Advanced Training in Informatics, Electronic Computing and Consulting, an important role in the development of informatics in Romania (Vasile Velicu)
• School of Informatics from Timișoara
• Department of Computers (1969 - 2019), Faculty of Automation and Computers - Polytechnic University of Bucharest
• Other Faculties of Automation and Computers in Romania
• Computer Science at the "Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad (Codruța Stoica, Mariana Nagy, Lorena Popa)

11.2 CCUB, the first IT unit established in Romania (Marin Vlada, Ion Văduva, Solomon Marcus, Nicolae Teodorescu)
• Moisil's valuable initiatives and applications of mathematics for the new paradigm of information, communication and calculation (collaboration between engineers and mathematicians) (Solomon Marcus)
• International Colloquium “Computing Techniques and Computers” (Nicolae Teodorescu)
• Chronology regarding the CCUB activity. Development of computer research. After 1971 - Research activity based on contracts (Ion Văduva)

11.3 Examples of software products developed by CCUB (Marin Vlada)

11.4 High school and high school computer science education (Ema Cerchez, Marinel Șerban, Emil Onea)
• School Olympics and National Computer Competitions in Romania 1978-2019 (Ema Cerchez, Marinel Șerban)
• Digitization in the pre-university environment from the beginning (Emil Onea)

11.5 Emergence and evolution of IT companies / companies in Romania (Mihai Voinea, David Muntean, ANIS, Ciprian Stupinean, Răzvan Costa)
• The phenomenon of the IT industry: too great a success for such an unprepared country (Mihai Voinea, David Muntean)
• Studies on the evolution of the IT & amp; C sector in Romania (ANIS)
• Software development using Design thinking, Lean startup and Agile (Maria Daniela Lica)
• Computational thinking - a skill for modern people (Ciprian Stupinean)
• Critical thinking in business analysis (Răzvan Costa)
• Romanian company UiPath for the development of software robots that automate work processes in companies (Marin Vlada)

11.6 Book and IT production and publications (Ion Ivan, Adrian Adăscăliței, Dan Dorin, Marin Vlada, Adrian Atanasiu, Mihai Scorțaru, Marin Vlada)
• Iasi Polytechnic Magazine (IPM) -1989, Book and Software Reviews (Adrian Adăscăliței, Dan Dorin, Marin Vlada)
• About the Informatics Gazette (Adrian Atanasiu)
• History of GInfo (Mihai Scorțaru)
• Informatics Gazette (Ginfo) - appearance, evolution and ... (Marin Vlada)

11.7 Contributions to the development of Romanian informatics: INFO-IAȘI and ROSYCS Iași (Marin Vlada)

11.8 Information methods and systems, studies and research - evolution and impact (Cristian S. Calude, Tudor Bălănescu, Marian Gheorghe, Florentin Ipate, Adrian Atanasiu, Marin Popa, Alexandru A. Popovici, Adrian Mihalache, Marin Vlada, Alexandru-Dan Corlan, Alexandru Adler, Gheorghe Gh. Borcan) 412
• My Path in Theoretical Computer Science (Cristian S. Calude)
• Verification and validation of programs - theory and implementation (Tudor Bălănescu, Marian Gheorghe, Florentin Ipate)
• In memoriam Dragoș Vaida (1933-2020): The need for landmarks (Tudor Bălănescu)
• Information security - a new and yet old discipline (Adrian Atanasiu)
• Research in the field of Petri nets at the Faculty of Mathematics Bucharest (Marin Popa)
• Informatics for reliability and reliability for informatics (Alexandru A. Popovici, Adrian Mihalache)
• The influence of Moisil (Alexandru A. Popovici)
• J. D. Warnier Method, an Innovative Approach to Computer Systems Design in the 1970s (Marin Vlada)
• History of open source software systems in Romania (Alexandru-Dan Corlan)
• The Renaissance in Computer Science (Alexandru-Dan Corlan)
• Ozias Adler (1928-2001), the pioneer of computerized photocollection in the Romanian printing industry (Alexandru Adler)
• Algebraic Language of Linear Optimization (ALLO) and the integrated SAMO system (Gheorghe Gh. Borcan)

12 Scientific events and IT / IT events in Romania

12.1 Pioneering scientific events in the field of informatics / IT (Marin Vlada)
• Congress of Romanian Mathematicians, 1956
• National Cybernetics Conference, 1958
• Computer courses organized by CCUB, period 1963-1969
• Colloquium "Computing techniques and computers, year 1967
• Colloquium "Training of staff for computer science", R.S.R. Academy, 1971
• The National Colloquium of Informatics (INFO Iași), from 1977
• CCUB Scientific Session, 25th Anniversary of CCUB, 1987

12.2 Scientific events and projects in the field of informatics / IT after 1990 (Marin Vlada)
• ROSE 93, Linux in Romania - open source systems, 1993
• International Symposium on Economic Informatics - Programming Engineering and Applied Informatics (ASE), 1993
• InfoEducation Contest - Vrancea, year 1994
• The "Computerized Educational System" (SEI) program, period 2001-2009
• TimSoft e-learning platform, since 2001
• “National Chancellery” platform, from 2003
• “Siveco Cup” educational software competition, period 2003-2009
• The National Conference on Virtual Education (CNIV,) from 2003
• Summer School - Computer Science at the Castle, open-source platforms, since 2003
• Human-Computer Interaction Conference (RoCHI), from 2004
• eLearning and Software for Education (eLSE) Conference, 2005
• International Conference on Virtual Learning (ICVL), since 2006
• Elearning portal. Romania, since 2006
• Moodle Romania educational platform, since 2010
• Summer School of Virtual Environments (creatiVE), since 2012
• Today Software Magazine (TSM), since 2012
• Other programs and projects - Professional Development of Teachers

General bibliography

Index of Authors

List of computer books from 1955-2000, http://c3.cniv.ro/?q=2018/carti-info