ICVL 2018

ICVL 2018 - Authors

Proceedings of the 13th International Conference On Virtual Learning

ICVL 2018 dedicated to The Centenary of the Great Union from 1918

Phase II - Period 2010-2020: e-Skills for the 21st Century

OCTOBER 26-28, 2018, "December 1st 1918" University of Alba Iulia

ISSN: 1844-8933 - ISI Proceedings, accessed via Web of Science, since year 2006


Section Models & Methodologies

1 Lucr-2 Grigore C. Moisil, Computer Pioneer Award and the founder of Romanian Computer Science/Informatics

Marin Vlada
2 Lucr-1 Digital Encyclopedia “Romania 1918. People, moments and images”

Radu Jugureanu, Magda Stan, Daniela Mironov Bănuță, Bogdan Gornea
3 Lucr-1a Ozias Adler (1928-2001), The Romanian Digital Printing Pioneer

Alexandru Adler, Radu Jugureanu
4 Lucr-23 An OWL Prototype Educational Ontology for Functional Programming

Mihaela Oprea
5 Lucr-24 A Model for Teaching University Courses by Integrating Modern Technologies and its Application to the Artificial Intelligence Course

Mihaela Oprea, Silviu Teodor Groza, George Bogdan Bucur
6 Lucr-3 Blended Learning Methodologies and ePedagogical Approaches Used in an Electrical and Computer Engineering Education Program Leading to International Accreditation

Ashraf Salah El-Din Zein El-Din, Adrian Adăscăliței, Marinel Temneanu, Sebastian Arădoaiei
7 Lucr-98 Blended Learning Approach Applied to Electrical Engineering Courses

Arădoaei Sebastian Teodor, Adăscăliței Adrian
8 Lucr-13 Teacher’s feedback using Moodleand blend learning

Dineva Snejana
9 Lucr-17 Importance of the Positive Atmosphere in the Blended Learning for Active Learning of the Students

Ducheva Zlatoeli, Pehlivanova Margarita
10 Lucr-34 Understanding and Supporting student’s collaboration and communication in blended learning

Nedeva Veselina, Dineva Snejana
11 Lucr-40 Improving the quality of study assessment

Dineva Snejana, Nedeva Veselina, Zlatoeli Ducheva
12 Lucr-6 Differentiated success rate in e-testing of students of pedagogical specialties

Ivanka Nikolaeva Shivacheva-Pineda
13 Lucr-12 Education influence of artistic elements and principles on the street network

Vaska Sandeva, Katerina Despot, Zlatin Zlatev
14 Lucr-5 Application of optical device in methodology for teaching analysisof essential oils

Zlatin Zlatev, Stanka Baycheva
15 Lucr-35 How student collaboration influence on student success

Nedeva Veselina, Dineva Snejana
16 Lucr-36 Educational Situation as a Tool for Communication Activity Motivation in the Virtual Learning Environment

Iryna Vereitina, Yurii Baidak, Oksana Popel
17 Lucr-41 Advantages, Disadvantages and Limitations of Using Google Forms for Online Tests (A Case Study of a Russian University)

Natalia Sazonova, Svetlana Ivanova, Anastasia Lavrova
18 Lucr-52 Distance education as a condition of elderly’s social activity

Olga Volkova, Polina Ananchenkova, Oksana Besschetnova
19 Lucr-53 Using of distance learning technologies in the educational process of orphans and children left without parental care

Olga Volkova, Polina Ananchenkova, Oksana Besschetnova
20 Lucr-58 Distance learning technologies as a tool in managing corporate knowledge system

Polina Ananchenkova
21 Lucr-59 The motives of a choice of e-learning system of training by students of colledge and higher education institution

Polina Ananchenkova, Dilbar Amonova
22 Lucr- 64 Features of distance learning of personnel in the sphere of philanthropy and social entrepreneurship

Petrova Mariya, Petrova Alla
23 Lucr-66 Distance learning for social service: case-study of the Department of Church charity and social service of the Russian Orthodox Church

Petrova Alla
24 Lucr-68 Using the method of case-study in distance learning system at training young entrepreneurs

Martirosyan Oksana
25 Lucr-73 Social Network Analysis in E-Education

Branka Lasković, Zorica Bogdanović, Tamara Naumović, Marijana Despotović-Zrakić, Božidar Radenković
26 Lucr-89 Nowadays education and long-life learning

Dineva Snejana
27 Lucr-18 Creating online evaluation system using new technologies

Doru Anastasiu Popescu, Camelia Ioana Toma
28 Lucr-100 Learning model using predefined blocks

Doru Anastasiu Popescu, Ovidiu Domșa
29 Lucr-37 Characteristics of the Items Administered in the NationalEvaluation Science Testing 6th grade

Gabriela Deliu, Cristina Miron, Cristian Opariuc-Dan
30 Lucr-43 Exploratory Analysis of the Equivalence of Tests, applied to National Evaluation Tests - Mathematics and Natural Sciences - 6th grade

Gabriela Deliu, Cristina Miron, Cristian Opariuc-Dan
31 Lucr-50 The internet - Information resources for students in the study of children's literature

Oana Stoican, Cornelia Ștefănescu, Valeriu Ștefănescu
32 Lucr-51 Educational software - Learning resource for pupils in primary education

Cornelia Ştefănescu, Oana Stoican, Valeriu Ștefănescu
33 Lucr-71 Online Learning Readiness Level of High School Teachers

Ersun İscioglu
34 Lucr-72 Impact of Online Learning on the Environmental Awareness: An Opinions of Secondary School Teachers

Ersun İscioglu, Deniz Iscioglu
35 Lucr-83 Perceived intensity and causes of criticism within romantic relationships. Findings from a Romanian sample

Andreea Ursu
36 Lucr-84 A Comparative Approach to the Impact of 2D Animations and 3D Computer Animated Movies in Students’ Cognitive Process of Comprehension

Stanca-Maria Iurean
37 Lucr-85 A curriculum of all the talents-problem solving case

Tripon Cristina
38 Lucr-86 Aspirations for tomorrows-education plan for active citizens

Cristina Tripon
39 Lucr-91 Usefulness of Web Sources in Geography Bibliographical Research and Learning

Oana-Ramona Ilovan, Sorin-Alin Kosinszki, Maria Eliza Dulamă, Marian Marin
40 Lucr-92 Visual Materials from Web Sources in Studying Regional Geography Topics

Ioana Cristina Magdaș, Oana-Ramona Ilovan, Maria Eliza Dulamă, Cosmina-Daniela Ursu
41 Lucr-97 Can microlearning be an alternative in training for textile industry staff?

Liliana Buhu, Adrian Buhu
42 Lucr-29 Virtual solutions for industrial automation education

Robert Beloiu

Section Technologies & Virtual Laboratory

43 Lucr-55 Augmented Virtuality as an Instrument for a Better Learning of History

Dragoș Gheorghiu, Livia Ștefan

44 Lucr-14 Light Intensity Control Using Arduino and LabVIEW

Mihai Bogdan
45 Lucr-15 Monitoring and Alarming the Level of Liquid in a Tank

Mihai Bogdan

46 Lucr-25 Gas Detector Using Arduino and LabVIEW

Mihai Bogdan
47 Lucr-48 ECOKT Pilot project – Open Knowledge Technologies: Mapping and validating knowledge

Octavian-Marius Preda, Mihaela Garabet, Dorothea Carama
48 Lucr-49 BEACONING Project

Octavian-Marius Preda, Mihaela Garabet, Dorothea Caraman

49 Lucr-57 Could we objectively evaluate the process of teaching? A critical overview about teaching, e-teaching and distance teaching

Andreea C. Buzduga, Petru-Adrian Istrimschi, Ovidiu Stofor
50 Lucr-65 Distance learning in support of social entrepreneurship: the russian experience (case-study)

Petrova Mariya
51 Lucr-39 Virtual Image Processing E-Learning System Re-architecture on Cloud Platform Service

Eugen Zaharescu, Atena Georgeta Zaharescu
52 Lucr-21 E-training tutorial for the enhancement of the clothing designer technical skills

Avadanei Manuela- Lacramioara, Loghin Emil- Constantin, Ionescu Irina, Ionesi Savin- Dorin, Dulgheriu Ionut
53 Lucr-79 A simple physics experiment with unexpected results revealed by using the of augmented reality tool and methods

Sorin Trocaru, István Bartos-Elekes
54 Lucr-81 Blockchain and its Potential in Education

Cristina Turcu, Cornel Turcu, Iuliana Chiuchișan
55 Lucr-74 COVEO – an e-learning tool for the induction and continuous training of IT employees

Sorina Chircu
56 Lucr-54 Study of a Learning Method based on Energy Optimization of Electromechanical System

Mariana Iorgulescu

Section Software Solutions

57 Lucr-94 E-environment platform for learning the management of the protected areas

Radu Rădescu, Alexandru-Cristian Trifan
58 Lucr-95 E-learning application for studying video conversion and video editing

Radu Rădescu, Mihail-Cristian Stancana
59 Lucr-82 Experimental Elearning Application for Distributed Data Mining Systems

Pupezescu Valentin, Dragomir Marilena-Cătălina

60 Lucr-87 E-Learning Improvement Using Computer Vision

George Suciu, Muneeb Anwar, Cristian Vasilescu, Hussain Ijaz
61 Lucr-93 Digital, e-Learning models of learners and teacher based on text and image analysis in Artificial Intelligence

Cristian Vasilescu, Cristian Mocanu
62 Lucr-42 SoMeDi: Successful Internship Programs Matching Job Offers with Candidates Skills

George Suciu, Adrian Pasat, Ioana Rogojanu
63 Lucr-33 Video tutorials' scenarization: development and implementation for educational purposes

Natalia Burlacu
64 Lucr-44 Creating Multiple Courses in “Google Classroom” using Google’s Sheets and Apps Script

Miroslav Karabaliev, Boyana Paarvanova, Bilyana Tachev
65 Lucr-75 Solutions For Designing Software Modules Used By Android Devices In Inventory Management

Liviu Şerbănescu
66 Lucr-76 Design an assisted editing software module based on DBMS server side programming

Liviu Şerbănescu

Section Intel® Education

67 Lucr- 38 Experimental Design of Passive House

Roxana-Elena Ion, Sanda Voinea
68 Lucr-60 E-learning in the russian internet: an overview of major platforms and resources

Elena Aksenova
69 Lucr-61 E-learning: will distance education replace traditional one?

Elena Aksenova, Dilbar Amonova
70 Lucr-62 E-learning as a tool for regional educational space virtualization

Tonkonog Victoriya, Polina Ananchenkova
71 Lucr-63 Comparative analysis of satisfaction with distance learning among students of different specialization

Tonkonog Victoriya, Polina Ananchenkova
72 Lucr-67 The concept of system of remote training of specialists in the field of advertising and public relations in the conditions of formation of uniform educational space

Moreeva Elena
73 Lucr-99 Some aspects of using distance technologies during vocational training of unemployed citizens

Kuznetsov Mikhail, Dilbar Amonova
74 Lucr-7 Virtual Learning Spaces With Go-Lab

Ristea Lidia
75 Lucr-26 Didactic Excel tool for the study of elastic hysteresis

Ionel Grigore, Daniela Stoica, Mihai Popescu

76 Lucr-32 Shaping Online Identity and future work identity

Magdalena Velciu
77 Lucr-45 The aptitude for school education from different perspectives

Flavia Mălureanu, Luiza Enachi-Vasluianu

78 Lucr-46 A study on disruptive communicative behaviour in school

Luiza Enachi-Vasluianu, Flavia Mălureanu
79 Lucr-78 Developing ICT’s skills for women practicing a hobby

Magdalena Velciu, Grecu Liliana
80 Lucr-47 Examination of Adolescents’ Media and Technology Usages based on Various Demographics

Yalın Kılıç Türe, Özlem Dokumac
81 Lucr-56 The Effect of XBOX Kinect in a Classroom Motivation

Yalın Kılıç Türel, Muhammad Muhammad Inuwa
82 E-learning and equal access to quality education

Dineva Snejana, Nedeva Veselina