ICVL 2012


"The important thing is not to stop asking questions." Albert Einstein

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." Galileo Galilei

"A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." M. G. Marino

"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding." Leonardo da Vinci

About ICVL

  1. How much of the conference activities/sessions will be conducted in English?

    According to Papers_Author_Guidelines.doc the official language of the submissions is English. According to signup, the official language of the Conference will be English (no translation will be provided).

  2. Will the conference proceedings and other materials be made available in English?

    The papers will be published in Conference Proceedings as well as on a CD. Only accepted papers will be published. The list of accepted abstract can be found on News (July 30). The next step is the reviewing process for the received full papers (see Commitees for the executive reviewers). You can browse www.icvl.eu/ for other informations. All materials related to ICVL will be available in English.

  3. Do you have designated accommodation providers for the conference?

    We are sorry but no accomodation will be provided by organizers. However, on Venue and Travel, some recommendations can be found. There a lot of accomodation possibilities in Târgu-Mures, next to the Conference Location. There is no conference hotel. Location of Conference: University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu Mures, Address: 38 Gh. Marinescu Street, 540139 , ROMANIA.

  4. When will you have an agenda published?

    The final agenda will be available as soon as possible. On august 15, the list of accepted papers will be published on the website (the news section). No later than September 15, all the program will be published. Due to the small number of accepted papers (may be less than 50) the conference will be a small size one.

  5. What are the costs associated with attending? NO

    The following costs were established by organizers: including Proceedings, coffee breaks and Welcome cocktail.
    Details about the conference website (www.icvl.eu/)

  6. Registration Fees: NO.

    The Conference has no Fee

  7. The ICVL is a commercial conference?

    The ICVL is not a commercial conference. It is organized by Bucharest University and OVIDIUS University of Constanta, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.The mentioned EXHIBITION will present romanian software related to Virtual Learning. I do not have any knowledge about international companies registered for ICVL exhibition till now. More information will be available on the website.

  8. Paper presentation at ICVL:

    Papers authors are asked to prepare the work presentation in PowerPoint/WEB, or Word/PDF. For each work they'll have 15-20 minutes.

    In the Conference room the authors will have a computer connected to Internet and a video projector.

  9. The CNIV event:

    The CNIV event (the fourth edition) will be organized in the same period. For the last three CNIV conferences you can access Archive. Some papers were published in english. In general, the material related to CNIV is available in Romanian. For some e-learning products presented before in the Exhibition halls, you can follow the recommended links on the page: vlibrary.

    It is important to note that ICVL (www.icvl.eu) is not the same as CNIV ( www.cniv.ro).

About CNIV

  1. ATTENDING TO CNIV SESSIONS can be done under the following conditions:
    1. as a person interested in papers hearing or visiting the exhibition;
    2. as an author of a paper/software product;
    3. as an IT company/firm representative.

    and following the academic community common rules.

  2. THE PAPERS SUBSCRIBED for presentation will be programmed and presented in one of the CNIV sessions.
  3. THE PAPERS CONCEIVED AND WRITTEN (read CNIV Archive) under the CNIV standards will be accepted and published in the CNIV Volume and on the CD only if they respect the criteria for an academic paper: research / study / analysis / software product witch will treat a subject that represents an original / comparative investigation or an implemetation of a technique / method to obtain results or conclusions.
  4. FOLLOWING THE CNIV OBJECTIVES it's recommended the promotion and implementation of modern ideas in intial education and continuum training, promotion of the work spirit/team reseach and implementation of new IT&C technologies in education.
  5. The papers registered at CNIV must not be publist in a ISSN publication.
  6. If the authors are pupils it's imperative that they have a guiding teacher or professor.
  7. Pupils and teachers are adviced to announce their participation to their School Unit Management, for support.
  8. ATTENTION ! Do NOT send applications and software products, these will be needed only at the EXHIBITION or at the demonstrative presentation.
  9. It's recommended that the software products be presented as a paper at CNIV and they will be registered at the "EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE" EXHIBITION, for the evaluation in "EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE" CONTEST