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 2010 - Towards a Learning and Knowledge Society - 2030 

The 5th International Conference on Virtual Learning

OCTOBER 29 - 31, 2010 - Organizers: University of Bucharest, University of Medicine and Farmacy Targu-Mures, Intel Company, Siveco Romania, Location:UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE AND FARMACY TÂRGU-MUREŞ, ROMANIA - EUROPE

Phase II - Period 2010-2020: e-Skills for the 21st Century

  • MODELS & METHODOLOGIES (M&M): Innovative Teaching and Learning Technologies; Web-based Methods and Tools in Traditional, Online Education and Training; Collaborative Virtual Learning, E-Pedagogy; Design and Development of Online Courseware; Information and Knowledge Processing; Knowledge Representation and Ontologism; Cognitive Modelling and Intelligent systems; Algorithms and Programming for Modelling. 
  • TECHNOLOGIES (TECH): Innovative VR and Web-based Teaching and Learning Technologies; Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) technologies; Web, Virtual Reality/AR and mixed technologies; Web-based Education (WBE), Web-based Training (WBT); New technologies for e-Learning, e-Training and e-Skills / e-Competences; Educational Technology, Web-Lecturing Technology; Mobile E-Learning, Communication Technology Applications; Computer Graphics and Computational Geometry. Intelligent Virtual Environments. 
  • SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS (SOFT): New software environments for education & training; Software and management for education; Virtual Reality Applications in Web-based Education; Computer Graphics, Web, VR/AR and mixed-based applications for education & training, business, medicine, industry and other sciences; Multi-agent Technology Applications in WBE and WBT; Streaming Multimedia Applications in Learning; Scientific Web-based Laboratories and Virtual Labs; Software Computing in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence; Avatars and Intelligent Agents.
  • Intel® Education - Innovation in education and research (IntelEdu): Digital Curriculum, collaborative rich-media applications, student software, teacher software; Improved Learning Methods, interactive and collaborative methods to help teachers incorporate technology into their lesson plans and enable students to learn anytime, anywhere; Professional Development, readily available training to help teachers acquire the necessary ICT skills; Connectivity and Technology, group projects and improve communication among teachers, students, parents and administrators.
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