ICVL 2014

C3VIP: "Consistency-Competence-Clarity-Vision-Innovation-Performance"

ICVL Project intends to explore and propose innovations in education in the perspective of the Knowledge Society. The International Conference on Virtual Learning has the following objectives: creating a framework for a large scale introduction of the eLearning approaches in teaching and training activities; assisting the teachers, professors and trainers in the use of innovative teaching technologies both in formal education and life-long learning; stimulating the development of eLearning projects and software for education process and systems; promoting and developing scientific research for eLearning, educational software and virtual reality.

Phase II - Period 2010-2020: e-Skills for the 21st Century | Virtual Environments for Education and Training


OCTOBER 24 - 25, 2014 - Organizer: University of Bucharest, Location:THE UNIVERSITY OF BUCHAREST, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, ROMANIA - EUROPE

(Click here) - The ICVL 2014 will be held in conjunction with The 12th National Conference on Virtual Learning (CNIV 2014)

ICVL 2014 celebrating University of Bucharest: 150 years of existence

A prestigious institution of higher education and research in Romania

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 2010 - Towards a Learning and Knowledge Society - 2030 

The 9th International Conference on Virtual Learning

OCTOBER 24 - 25, 2014 - Organizers: University of Bucharest, Location:FACULTY OF PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES, ROMANIA - EUROPE

Phase II - Period 2010-2020: e-Skills for the 21st Century

  • MODELS & METHODOLOGIES (M&M): Innovative Teaching and Learning Technologies; Web-based Methods and Tools in Traditional, Online Education and Training; Collaborative Virtual Learning, E-Pedagogy; Design and Development of Online Courseware; Information and Knowledge Processing; Knowledge Representation and Ontologism; Cognitive Modelling and Intelligent systems; Algorithms and Programming for Modelling. 
  • TECHNOLOGIES (TECH): Innovative VR and Web-based Teaching and Learning Technologies; Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) technologies; Web, Virtual Reality/AR and mixed technologies; Web-based Education (WBE), Web-based Training (WBT); New technologies for e-Learning, e-Training and e-Skills / e-Competences; Educational Technology, Web-Lecturing Technology; Mobile E-Learning, Communication Technology Applications; Computer Graphics and Computational Geometry. Intelligent Virtual Environments. 
  • SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS (SOFT): New software environments for education & training; Software and management for education; Virtual Reality Applications in Web-based Education; Computer Graphics, Web, VR/AR and mixed-based applications for education & training, business, medicine, industry and other sciences; Multi-agent Technology Applications in WBE and WBT; Streaming Multimedia Applications in Learning; Scientific Web-based Laboratories and Virtual Labs; Software Computing in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence; Avatars and Intelligent Agents.
  • Intel® Education - Innovation in education and research (IntelEdu): Digital Curriculum, collaborative rich-media applications, student software, teacher software; Improved Learning Methods, interactive and collaborative methods to help teachers incorporate technology into their lesson plans and enable students to learn anytime, anywhere; Professional Development, readily available training to help teachers acquire the necessary ICT skills; Connectivity and Technology, group projects and improve communication among teachers, students, parents and administrators.

Proceedings of ICVL (Print ISSN 1844 - 8933)

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Research Areas:Computer Science; Education & Educational Research
Web of Science Categories: Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications; Education & Educational Research
Language:English, ISSN: 1844-8933

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CNIV and ICVL are scientific events promoting innovative technologies and methodologies in education, research and lifelong improvement, both in the pre-university and university milieu, and in the economic sector, too. Structured and organized by European principles and International standards, the two projects promote implementation of modern ideas in the initial education and continuous training, encourage and promote teamwork and collaborative activities, scientific methods and experiments, creative thinking and intuition, arguing, and proving.